How to Keep Moving Forward

Hebrews 2:9

If you tell me where you are looking, I will tell you where you are going. So many are holding on to the past. When we glory about the past, we shrink from the present and become scared of the future.

What then? Are we to abandon in despair our hopes for a better future? There is more to see than the sad sights around us. “But we see Jesus” (Heb 2:9 KJV)

‘We see Jesus’ with high expectations. When others see problems, despair, hopelessness, and fear, we see Jesus. Doubt sees the darkest night, faith sees the brightest day. The hope of the future is sure because we see Jesus.

The book of Hebrews shows us the absolute supremacy and sufficiency and superiority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hebrews was written for Jewish believers who were torn between their new faith and their old ways. The temptation was to slip back into familiar routines and rituals, settling for second best.[1]

Believers can make the same mistake as the Israelites, by desiring to go backward in our faith rather than forward. Endurance is a characteristic of true believers, while disloyalty and defection reveal a heart of unbelief. “if we endure, we shall also reign with him: if we shall deny him, he also will deny us” 2Tim 2:12

It’s always too Soon to Quit. Faith in the living God enables us to set our hopes upon what Christ is going to do in the future. We have triumphant confidence because “we see Jesus.”

Life Lessons with Max Lucado (Lucado)[1]

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